Redline golf balls. Why pay more if you can pay 50% less.

Premium golf balls don’t need to be expensive. We have developed 3 high performance golf balls which we sell straight from the factory to golfers like you. This way you pay up to 50% less for golf balls with the same performance as the big brands. Our 4P tour ball Insane Tour only costs € 2,00 (from 5 dozen and up). If you hesitate, you can buy our test boxes.

Choose the ball that fits you best

affordable golf balls

Insane Power
Hcp: 28+

Designed for golfers with a hcp 28 or higher. Lots of distance, little control around the greens.

best price: € 1,05 (from 60 balls)

affordable golf balls

Insane Soft
Hcp: 15-28

Softer coating than the Insane Power. For the advanced golfer looking for more control.

best price: € 1,50 (from 60 balls)

Insane Tour
Hcp: <15

World’s most affordable tour ball. Developed for single hcp players, teaching pro’s and tour players.

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Personalise golf balls online
It takes 4 steps and 2 minutes

Start personalising your Redline balls quick and easy with our online editor. Minimum quantity: 3 balls (gift box).

Test boxes

Compare Redline Golf balls with the golf balls you are playing golf with at the time. You can choose between 2 test boxes.


6 Insane Tour balls
6 Insane Soft balls


6 Insane Soft balls
6 Insane Power balls

Check how the Insane Soft and Insane Tour ball performs towards golf balls of the bigger brands.