Golf ball personalising

Meet Redline Golf, Europe’s no. 1 online golf brand with 3 high performance and affordable golf balls, amazing packaging, online golf ball personalisation (starting from 3 golf balls) and fast delivery. Orders placed before 15.00 PM will be shipped the same day and delivered within 2 to 5 days within Europe.

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Why pay more when you can pay less

Redline Golf is an online European golf brand, established in 2011. We developed 3 high performance golf balls, one for each level. We sell direct to golfers. This way you pay 50% less for high performing premium golf balls.

Redline Insane Tour
4 piece urethane
€ 2,50 per ball (€ 2,- from 60)

affordable golf balls

Redline Insane Soft
2 piece control
€ 1,75 per ball (€ 1,50 from 60)

affordable golf balls

Redline Insane Power
2 piece distance
€ 1,25 per ball (€ 1,05 from 60)

6 soft en 6 power golfballen

Trialbox Soft & Power
6x Insane Soft
6x Insane Power
€ 18,-

6 soft en 6 tour golfballen

Trialbox Tour & Soft
6x Insane Tour
6x Insane Soft
€ 25,50

Custom gift boxes

Make your own personal gift box

With 12 personalised golf balls. Start at € 27,- per set.

Golf gift boxes

Golf gift boxes deluxe, deluxe XL and custom XL

With 3 or 12 personalised golf balls. Starting at € 24,50.

Custom golf sleeves

Make your own sleeves + sleeve box

With 12 custom golf balls. Starting at € 34,- per set.