The best golf balls you will ever find for under € 2,50!

Redline Golf is Dutch online golf brand, established in 2011. We produce golf balls in the same independent factories as some major brands do. We sell directly to golfers. Take the wholesale and retail out and you understand why Redline golf balls are much cheaper than the traditional brands, but just as good, and in some cases even better. We ship for free the same day if you order before 3 p.m.

We developed 4 premium golf balls:

buy golf balls online Redline 59

Redline 59 Tour
3 piece urethane
€ 3,50 per ball
(€ 2,50 from 60)

buy golf balls online Redline 69

Redline 69 Tour
4 piece urethane
€ 3,- per ball
(€ 2,25 from 60)

betaalbare golfbal voor gevorderde golfers

Redline 79 Soft
piece soft surlyn
€ 2,00 per ball
(€ 1,75 from 60)

buy golf balls online Redline 99

Redline 99 Distance
2 piece distance
€ 1,25 per ball
(€ 1,05 from 60)

Personalised golf balls

Redline Golf is specialized in affordable premium golf balls, personalized golf balls and personalised golf gifts packed in amazing gift boxes at affordable prices, small order quantities (starting from 3 golf balls) and fast delivery. Orders placed before 15.00 PM will be shipped the same day and delivered within 2 to 5 days within Europe.

Custom gift boxes

Make your own personal gift box

With 12 personalised golf balls. Start at € 27,- per set.

Golf gift boxes

Golf gift boxes deluxe, deluxe XL and custom XL

With 3 or 12 personalised golf balls. Starting at € 28,50.

Custom golf ball sleeves

Make your own sleeves + sleeve box

With 12 personalised golf balls. Starting at € 34,- per set.